Why Parents Need To Spy Their Kids

Why Parents Need To Spy Their Kids

The primary purpose of the parents is to protect the children from harms. The parents seek to safeguard their children from the likes of harassment, cyber bullying, and other threats that can affect the lives of children socially and emotionally.

With the increasing use of digital networks and the internet, kids have earned their hands at tech gadgets, and their academic activities also get correlated with the availability of the internet.

So, parents need to have a strong monitoring protocol over the devices that kids use for the accomplishment of their purposes. The best way to keep a close watch on the kids is by using an efficient spy app.

The kids’ spy app actively records each and every bit of communication taking place through the target device of the kids; this is something out of this world that enables the parents to protect their children from any potential threats.

Moreover, parents can have a watch on the academic activities of their kids of they are performing up to the prescribed standards or not. In other words, a kids spy app acts as a parenting facilitator.

There are many spying services that claim to have kids spying flair but end up in no real offer. Through an extensive review, we came to know of TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy was found in 2011; the target market of the app is parents and providing digital parenting facilitation. The app is primarily aimed at serving parents for the betterment of kids.

The app is compatible to be used with all the current versions of Android OS. All that a parent needs is to install the app after physically accessing the target phone once, and they are ready to have a watch on the kid.

The kids spy app does all this without any hint to the target user because upon at the smallest of disruptions, an inappropriate behavior can be triggered, which can be hard to handle for the parent in many ways.

TheOneSpy – Best Kids Spy App

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the app is above and beyond in all aspects. The activities that are performing on the target phone screen can be monitored in real-time. All the activities can be stalked, recorded, and can be saved to the online dashboard for later usage.

Using this feature, the parent can identify the pattern of communication of the child, and upon finding any questionable act or activity, the necessary action can be taken.

Surround Recording

The surround recording feature of TheOneSpy is one of the most promising features of the app. The app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone at the time of end-user’s choice; the surrounding activities of the child can be monitored in real-time.

Location tracking

The movement of the child can be monitored in real-time by the parent. The location tracking feature allows tracking the real-time location of the child without any hassle. All the movement of the child gets recorded in the form of a log, and parents can monitor this at any point of time.

This adds to the security of the child as well, if the child has lost connection to the parent, the parent can identify the location of the child, and any potential criminal or other offense can be coped with beforehand. 

Social Media Apps Monitoring

The social networking apps can be monitored for all the communication taking place through them. Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can be monitored for all the chats, multimedia shared and received, voice notes exchanged, and all incoming and outgoing calls can be listened to in real-time.

These calls can also be saved to the online dashboard for later reference. These features can be used to find out if there is anyone over the social networks who is trying to press or push or harass the child; the cyber bullying attempts can be addressed by using the kids’ spy app.


The kids’ spy app TheOneSpy is reviewed regarding parenting services, and it is observed that it allows protecting the child from the threats of digital networks and social media and addresses all the needs of parents with respect to child monitoring by all means.

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