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Masks are a key measure to stop or slow down COVID-19 transmission and save lives. As mentioned by WHO, masks reduce potential exposure risk from an infected person whether they have symptoms or not. Small, medium and large-sized businesses should use masks to prevent the spread of infection from COVID – 19.

Businesses will be able to make their workers feel more comfortable and satisfy legal obligations with the use of masks. Workers will be willing to come into the workplace.

Stay Trendy with Whizley Customized Masks

Whizley is now offering personalized 2-layer masks. The masks are made from soft, stretchy, and breathable material.

The material used is a mixture of 180gsm Polyester and Spandex. Schools, restaurants, medical, dental, and the laboratory industry – the masks can be used anywhere. They are multipurpose. The masks can be worn over and over again. They are reusable and machine washable.

Color stay formula is what keeps the mask design from fading out due to washing. The full-color dye sublimation technique creates a vibrant image of the artwork that businesses provide.  7 ¾” W x 5” H x 3/16” D is the size of the masks.

The masks have stretch ear loops for comfortable fit. Apart from that each mask comes with an ear-saving mask extender. Mask extenders have about 3 notches so the fit can be adjusted to whatever fit is desirable. The extenders are made of leather like vinyl so they are comfortable to wear.

Different number of sets options are available which ensures there’s enough masks for small, medium or large-sized businesses each day. Businesses can select the pack they think will be sufficient for them.

Why Choose Customized Masks for Your Business?

Customized masks help small, medium and large sized businesses show off their company’s logo or tagline and create brand awareness. In a whole new way, businesses can re-open safely with custom branded face masks. COVID–19 viruses do not always portray symptoms when they affect human. Asymptomatic people do not have any symptoms. However, if they go for a test, they will have positive results. The masks prevent the transmission of COVID – 19 viruses from people who are already infected.

Employers can send masks to employees, who are working from home as a morale boost. This creates a sense of unity among employees because they feel more connected with their work. When employees use Whizley face masks, even customers have a sense of relief. This factor can boost sales and increase goodwill of the small, medium or large sized business.


Customized masks not only help in protecting people but also acts as a source of advertisement. Order your customized masks from Whizley today and get them at your doorstep within 7 to 10 business days once the artwork provided by you is approved.

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