Pandemic, Its Effects, and How Budding Designers can Learn from It

Pandemic, Its Effects, and How Budding Designers can Learn from It

Winter has finally come. And this is the first winter after the world was hit by the dreadful pandemic of the corona disease. But the world doesn’t feel like it always did, especially during the winter holiday season. Without a doubt, it is nothing but a scary place not only for businesses but also for employees, workers, students, and freelancers. This disease did not only ate people’s loved ones but it has also snatched the beautiful fwuture from the hands of so many people and beautiful dreams from so many eyes. Students are not able to attend classes properly and hence the things they are learning in the meantime are vague. Startups that have taken big loans from an array of banks are in no position to repay.

Still, two kinds of businesses are still doing their best. The first is the medical sector and the second one is graphic designing companies in Jaipur. Thanks to the high demand, the jobs and available work in those two sectors did not diminish. Since the holiday season, this year is going to be very much quieter than other years, the only thing we can celebrate we are the ones who are still hanging in there and surviving with our lives and jobs. And, in times like that, we should be very thankful that at least we have these.

The world of websites still seems to be in its golden period. Web and graphic designers do have a lot of work to engage themselves. They are leaving no stones unturned in fulfilling the demand of their customer right from the comfort of their homes. They are adapting to this new culture that demands individuals to maintain social distancing and work from home. But the confidence and creativity of designers have increased despite the circumstances. Nowadays quality has been focused more than quantity. The website is looking fabulous with stunning photos, lovely CSS, and breathtaking colors. Let’s have a look at the most celebrated web designs of recent times:

Philiber CA

Philiber is a California based company that is a subscription service from door to door meal delivery. It is currently operating in the urban centers in Quebec. Flaunting a greenish theme, the site beautifully maintains its modernness and simplicity. The three elements that make it look even soothing and comforting is its beautiful color scheme, great photography pictures, and illustrations that have been carried out showing off flat style.

Take Boost

Take boost is a product based website. The company primarily sells chew gum and gummy. The good thing is, instead of being injurious for health, their gum is actually an immunity booster thanks to its vitamin supplement. The theme of their website is yellow and orange. There is a transaction to the yellow color towards the orange color that shows energy. The design is text-based which means, most of its part is text. Apart from it, the website is rather simple and focus on its product categories.

Yesterday NFB

Yesterday NFB or Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is one of the projects of the well-renowned National Film Board of Canada. This website is highly interactive and that’s the actual beauty of it. The website flaunts a pure white theme and in middle, it suggests the user explore the emotions. These are actually emotional tweets that people have sent.

Refusi Studio

The good thing about Refusi Studio is it helps designers a lot to learn. It an Italy-based company that specializes in providing designing services. Their site looks like one of those portfolio websites. However, despite having a very simple interface, it uses very strong colors and prominent typography that helps it stand out from the rest.

Final Words

No matter if the design comprises graphics for a mean delivery mobile app developed by one of the top application development companies in Jaipur, or a simple website developed by a freelance designer, their quality hasn’t been compromised. In other words, we can say that the pandemic may have broken down the market but the confidence, the creativity, and the level of perfection are untouched by this tough time. All we need to do now is learn from the world of internet marketing and graphic designing and never lose the hope.

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