How to Identify Wrecked Cars

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There are lots of wrecked cars for sale. There is nothing wrong with this as long as an accident is reported. But what happens when the seller doesn’t say so and the buyer is left with the feeling that the vehicle could be a wrecked car? In that case, you should consider the following suggestions for recognizing wrecked cars. Buy used Toyota Camry Aurion for sale in the UK easily without any fear of it been a wrecked car from Auto for Trade.

How to know that it is a damaged car

Consult a wrecked car professional or experienced car buyer and ask them to accompany you to examine the vehicle. Be sure to check the vehicle in broad daylight and have a flashlight handy; a tape measure and magnet may also be helpful. If you have access to a coating thickness gauge, do not leave it at home. Finally, make sure you have enough time to explore the car in depth.

Check the documentation

Review all vehicle documentation. The ITV technical sheet will be your best ally at that time and you will be able to have a good idea of ​​the “lifestyle” that this car has had. If the engine or some other important part has been replaced, it could be a sign that this car has been on the list of damaged cars

Tricks to recognize wrecked cars

  1. Check if the screws, on the motor for example, show scratches; it is an indication that one or more parts have been changed, which could indicate that the vehicle belongs to the group of damaged cars.
  2. Check with a flashlight and tape measure the slots in the doors, hood, etc. Make sure the gaps measure the same; if your measurements are very different, it could also be a wrecked car.
  3. Pay attention to the painting, look at it from different angles and with different intensity of light. Crashed cars often have irregularities on the surface. Color changes, matte areas, or particulate inclusions on the paint surface suggest that it has been painted, as do adhesive residue and masking tape marks. With the coating thickness gauge you can accurately tell if layers of paint have been applied afterwards. All this may be a sign that it is a crashed car.
  4. With a magnet, caulked parts can be detected. If the magnet sticks less strongly in some places it means that there is less sheet metal in that place. Please note that aluminum bodies and plastic parts are not magnetic and this trick cannot be applied to them.
  5. Observe the car from various perspectives, also from below and, if possible, with the help of a tail lift. Dents in the underbody, in the tank or in the crankcase are symptoms that you are facing a crashed car.
  6. The wheels can also indicate if a car has suffered an accident. Irregular tire tread wear indicates a poorly balanced wheel, which in turn may have been caused by an accident.

If you detect one or more of these signs, it may be a car that was damaged by an accident. Although they are not conclusive evidence, it cannot be ruled out that he has not suffered a mishap. That is why it is always recommended that an independent professional inspect a used car before signing the contract. You should also check the AUTOFORTRADE vehicle report before signing; with it you can significantly reduce the risk of buying damaged cars or of encountering other serious problems after buying a used car.

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