20 Maldives Travel Tips Before Going

20 Maldives Travel Tips Before Going

Plan a visit to the Maldives for a dream? Take note of these tips for your trip to the Maldives. The coral atolls scattered across the Indian Ocean is a lovely journey with beaches of white sands, turquoise water, and rainy tropical weather.

The marine life in the water is plentiful and varied. Snorkelers will delight in close meetings with the rays, sharks, whales, and a variety of fish. On the top of the atolls, with delicate villas and beach bungalows, are only some of the most luxurious resorts in the country.

We agreed to sit and share some of our ideas and suggestions on our journey in the popular Indian Ocean Country after a few weeks of exploration of the Maldives.

Our best travel tips for the Maldives!

The Maldives is not a cheap spot.

The first thing I want out there is that the Maldives is not a budgetary destination, and you probably know this already. This doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to visit the Maldives, but it will cost some moo moos to live your life on Instagram and different publicity.

If your aim is to provide you and your loving-kind with a hydro-water villa, an all-inclusive package that offers spa and diving excursions every day. I would say that for brand name properties such as Park Hyatt, The W, and the Four Seasons at least 1000 dollars a day and double that. Heck, if you’re so inclined, you might even shell out your own private island with $40,000.

Come to the Maldives

The Maldives can actually only be reached via the international airport Velana on the island of Hulhulé next to the main island Male. From Asia and Europe, the airport opened several direct flights to the Maldives.

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After one week in Sri Lanka, we flown right from Colombo and worked well as the distance from the air is only three hours. If it is worthwhile to rest and see what Sri Lanka has to offer a few additional days before or after your visit to the Maldives.

Styles of rooms vary

I think it’s a moment to note that the Maldives is not all Instagram-friendly bungalows deserving of overwater. At different price points, we noticed all the places we stayed in the Maldives had different types of rooms. Overwater villas are room’s creme, and those with a swimming pool or even a waterslide are even more costly.

Traditionally beach villas are the next level down. The only difference was that we had to walk 30 seconds from our bed to the beach and share our own little slice of sand (the horror!) with the other hotel guests. We were in some of these rooms.

Some resorts have ocean views and usually are the cheapest rooms, but they always give visitors the same amenities as the fashionable guests of the villa. There are also luxury resorts of the highest quality with only beach bungalows like the popular Sonneva Fushi.

Rooms Sunset vs Sunrise

Please note that when you pick a room style whether you have a sunrise or sunset view room and change it to your preferences. I’m just mentioning this because we are late risers and you’ll be able to lose sunlight by midday if you’re in a sunrise space.

We prefer a sunset room because we had our loungers in the sun around noon that suited our schedule better. You nevertheless know how to face when you want to sunrise with a cup of coffee.

Don’t try to get there

I would recommend you select one resort/guest house and stay there instead of hopping in the Maldives for a week. We spent 15 days in the Maldives, staying at five separate resorts. While we had to see various areas and resorts, we moved every three days. It was never a smooth transition no matter how difficult everybody was to organize.

If you are not in Male, you need a Speedboat or a Seaplane to reach any place you stay in the Maldives. Some of our trips by speedboat took 20 minutes and some went to one resort for two hours.

You will still have to return to Male airport and then travel to your new resort while you are traveling between two resorts, rather than getting a boatload of money for a private executive plane.

Waterflats = Expensive.

Most of the resorts we visited were accessible by speedboat, much cheaper than by boat. The entire seaplane industry in the Maldives is monopolized by Trans Maldivan Airways. All transfers must be reserved through your resorts. You can’t book them directly.

A 50-per-cent tour marks up the cost of seaplanes around $500 per person to any resort, which can break a budget for those who do not know. BUT you get the most wonderful views, at least, just make sure you’ve got your camera!

Sea aircraft only work during daylight hours, so you might be forced to stay overnight in Male before leaving for your resort if your flight is late to the Maldives.

Don’t bring any alcohol to the land

The Maldives are mainly Muslim, and only private resorts can drink alcohol. Don’t buy a bottle of wine or champagne for yourself in customs before you arrive. If you attempt to carry alcohol into the Maldives, you risk they will be taken away or even fined by customs.

The best way to approach this issue? Both packages are included for your resort happy hour! We have found that some resorts deliver pretty good hours of happiness very surprised.

The Palestinians are free to all

No coastal visas for 30 days on arrival in The Maldives are issued to all, regardless of nationality. However don’t overdo it without a proper extension – it’s really good!

Take Sunscreen with you!

In the Maldives, it was $30 a bottle the cheapest I saw. It was even available in one of our rooms for $60 – for a Sunbum travel-style kit! I’m not playing! I am not playing! In your baggage don’t forget the sunscreen.

Take into account the costs of coral protection sunscreen for some extra dollars. The traditional sunscreens such as Coppertone and N0 Ad and Banana Boats contain several substances that run off your body and destroy the precious coral and sea life by swimming. For our ocean adventures, we have this healthy sunscreen reef.

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